Daddy Dave’s New Goliath Motor Produces 2,269hp!

Back in January Daddy Dave was talking about selling his motor. Now the time as come where he has actually gone through with a new setup. When Dave originally built the first Goliath he had mentioned eventually wanting to go with a Twin Turbo setup. Then of course with his accident, he had to rebuild and start fresh with Goliath 2.0. Of course that hit him in the pocket book, as it would anyone. So he kept the original nitrous fed 632 big block Chevy. Just a few hours ago Daddy Dave let the cat out of the bag and now he has got a new motor setup that is ready to be put into his Chevy Nova II.

Goliath's new engine is a SPDC Raceshop Racing Engines built 540 cubic inch big block Chevy. It's running methanol thru a carburetor with 10.5:1 compression. Instead of a turbo setup he decided on a centrifugal supercharger. It's a Procharger F1x-12 producing 21 pounds of boost. On the engine dyno this monster puts out 2,269 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and 1,469 torque at 7,800 rpm! “My nitrous motor never made that much” Daddy Dave explains in the video below that he was “Sick of putting pistons in his nitrous motor”. As you can imagine running as much nitrous as he was thru his old 632, melting pistons was a common occurrence. After he installs the motor into Goliath 2.0 the car is going to Larry Larson's race shop to be completed with the new Procharger setup.

So check out the video below and listen to Daddy Dave talk about the new setup as he gets ready to “Drive thru everyone’s ass back up the list to #1!” The dyno run starts at approximately the 5 minute mark.


Daddy Dave's Nearly 2,300 Horsepower Goliath Motor Video



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