Daddy Dave Looking to Sell his 632 for bigger motor!

Street Outlaws Daddy Dave recently said he needs to sell his 632 to keep up with all the Promods!


Well recently Birdman won Redemption 4.0 No prep race for 15k beating out Kye Kelly. Well Daddy Dave was impressed with Birdman's new built 4th Firebird and is ready to upgrade. Shortly after the race Daddy Dave posted on his Facebook page "Daddy Dave 405" about how he didn't think his 632 was enough to keep up with everyone anymore. In the comment's he mentioned that he'd sell it going around "30k-ish". Here exactly what Dave Said: "Congrats to Birdman on his win. Huge accomplishment after just putting the car together. Dedicated people do their homework!!! With that being said…… I'll be looking to sell my 632 and in search for a 870+ ci motor. I won't just lay down and let promods take over. Will post up specs and prices soon." So stay tuned for what he actually that post it for sale. We'll be sure to let you know here as soon as we find out.


Daddy Dave Selling His Goliath 632

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Birdman vs Kye Kelly @ Redemption 4.0

Redemption 4.0 is a No Prep drag racing event that was held at Texas Raceway January 2nd, 2016. Birdman beat out Kye Kelly in the final for $15,000 cash! Check out more info here about the event. The video below is the race between Birdman and Kye Kelly.


Birdman Wins No Prep Beating Kye Kelly for $15,000 Video

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