Shawn Unveils New Murder Nova at PRI 2016!

A couple of months ago a video was posted on the Murder Nova Facebook page showing the new Murder Nova being picked up from Don Dial Race cars. At that point Shawn said that would be the last time you'd see the car until the official unveiling at this years PRI show in Indy. Well today the guys at Midwest Streetcars did just that. Below is the video of the unveiling, but first check out some of the specifications about the new Murder Nova.


The car is near complete with about 2 weeks of wiring and plumbing work left. So stay tuned for some testing videos to surface very soon. Shawn said that he has used the best parts that he could afford and had the chassis work professionally done by Don Dial Race cars. The new Murder Nova looks the same as the current one on the outside except it sits about 6 inches lower and will be about 700lbs lighter. The new motor setup is a 482 Billet small block built by Proline that is boosted by twin 88mm Precision turbochargers and is expected to make the same amount of power as the current Murder Nova's cast iron 572 big block twin turbo setup. Check out the video below from Murder Nova's Facebook page recorded live earlier today.


New Murder Nova Unveiling at PRI 2016 Video


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