Shawn Ellington’s New Murder Nova Preview

Street Outlaw's Star Currently Building A New Murder Nova

Rumors of New Murder Nova Are True


The rumors have been around for awhile about Shawn building a new Murder Nova. Well the rumors are true and the guys from Midwest Street Cars have even mentioned it a few times on their podcasts. Recently on Murder Nova's social media they posted a video while they picked up the car from Don Dial Race Cars. While Midwest Street Cars will be putting together most of the car, Don Dial built the chassis. At this level it only makes sense to trust professional chassis guys. Shawn decided it was time to build a new car so he could continue to compete at the level that he wants to. As we all know the cars on the show keep getting faster and the racing events available to these guys is ever growing. Many racing fans would even go as far as saying the Street Outlaws show and refueled the love of drag racing in our countries younger generation. Weather this is true or not, us race fans love going as fast as we can!


Differences in New Car vs Old Car

So anyway lets get the new Murder Nova. It's a true steel body back half car with stock frame rails. Why not a tube chassis you may ask; well that's because Shawn would be limited with what classes he can compete in and retaining the stock frame rails allows him to compete in many more classes. The old Murder Nova didn't have a stock frame front end and would usually get placed into promod classes. Well with this new car having factory front clip with A-arm suspension Shawn will be out of the promod classes. The new car is expected to be around 800lbs lighter.


New Murder Nova Engine


Now let's talk about the engine; the current car has a 572 big block chevy. Well the new car will have a Proline built 482ci small block chevy. Wait why not a big block? Well for one the same horsepower levels are attainable with the small block. Let's explain; this new setup will be capable of the same horsepower if not more than the current setup but with less weight. So why not? And again running the small block opens up the doors for Shawn to compete in more classes. The Proline 482ci is a raised cam designed block. The heads are canted valve 15 degrees along with the ability for the crank stroke to be 4.9 and the block bore to be 4.4 which can give it approximately 600ci. Now we're not saying that's what Shawn is doing, but just for example as to why this small block is a capable choice. The engine will be boosted by twin 88mm precision turbos and backed by a Rosseler T10 turbo 400 transmission.


The new Murder Nova is expected to be unveiled at PRI 2016. UPDATE: Click here to see the PRI unveiling that took place and check out the new completed Murder Nova!


New Murder Nova Preview Pictures


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