Oklahoma Dealer Selling 720hp Fireball Camaro for $52k!

The 720 Horsepower Fireball Camaro Now Available at Exclusive Chevy Dealers for $50k!

Back in January, the Fireball Camaro built by B&R Performance was the first 6th gen Chevrolet Camaro to run a 9-second quarter mile. Eskridge Chevrolet in Oklahoma City now offers the Fireball 700 Camaro package starting at $51,900. The dealer version of the Fireball 700 is signifently different from the 9 second version that we saw in January. For more details on the 9 second Fireball Camaro click here.

Eskridge's Fireball Camaro features a 1200cfm supercharger from ProCharger along with an available 91-octane or 93-octane tune makes about 720horsepower at the crank. The B&R Performance crew dyno'd it at 601 rwhp & 577 rwtq. Sure this isn't a 9 second capable car as is but for Chevy Camaro fan looking for some extra horsepower this is better than your average 455hp SS! According the Eskridge Dealer website the Fireball 700 Camaro comes with 720 horsepower and the 8-speed automatic transmission starting at around $51,900.00. That price is starting with a base 2016 Camaro 1SS which starts at $37,295 MSRP. This includes the Fireball 700 performance package, Custom badges, a lifetime engine guarantee along with free oil changes for the life of the car! For the price that's a huge value for anyone not wanting to modifed a standard Camaro SS themselves. Check out the promotional video below with Street Outlaw's Farmtruck and AZN.

See How the 720hp Fireball Camaro Competes with the 707hp Hellcat Challenger – Click Here


Fireball 700 Camaro Promotional Video


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