Fireball Camaro VS Hellcat Challenger Head-to-Head

How does the 720hp Fireball Camaro compare to the 707hp Hellcat Challenger?

Comparing the numbers of the Eskridge Chevy Dealer Exclusive Fireball 700 Camaro to the Hellcat Challenger has more differences than you'd think. The obvious difference is the prices. The Fireball 700 Camaro starts at $51,900.00 and the Hellcat Challenger starts at $64,195.00. Then we have weight, while the Challenger weights about 4,400lbs, the Camaro is much lighter at about 3,600lbs! Perhaps the differences between these two monster muscle cars might not justify the nearly $13k difference in price. But to a Chevy fan, there are some very important features which are included with the Hellcat Challenger that you don’t get with the supercharged Camaro. Like the engine internals and drive train were designed to handle the 707 horsepower that the car comes with from the factory where as the Camaro SS was built with it's factory 455 horsepower in mind. That's not to say the Fireball Camaro engine and drive train couldn't handle it's 720 horsepower. But it might be worth the piece of mind to some in spending the extra $13k. But lets face it, if you have the Fireball Camaro and break a drive train component the replacement costs should be far less than $13k!

Now we compare the brakes, well the Challenger is 800lbs heavier it offers the biggest brakes on any current American made car. It features 6-piston Brembo calipers attached to 15.4 inch rotors in the front and 4-piston Brembo calipers with 13.8 inch rotors. While the Camaro SS has 13.6 inch rotors up front and 13.3 inch rotors in the back with 4-piston Brembo calipers all the way around. But perhaps with the difference in weight the smaller rotors doesn't matter. Well the 2016 Camaro SS stops from 60-0 mph in 117 feet, the 2016 Hellcat Challenger does it in 117 feet also! Well we haven't seen a race involving the Fireball Camaro with a Hellcat Challenger just yet, we did find the video below with a stock 707hp Hellcat Challenger going up against the 751hp Hennessey 2016 Camaro SS. With there only being a 31 horsepower difference, we can only assume the outcome would be nearly the same.

So the bottom line here in our opinion is the Fireball 700 Camaro is the better value, especially if you are a Chevy fan. So if you want to buy a new Camaro SS with enough power to battle the Hellcat Challenger then check out Eskridge Chevrolet in Oklahoma!


Hellcat Challenger vs Hennessey Camaro SS Video


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2 thoughts on “Fireball Camaro VS Hellcat Challenger Head-to-Head

  • October 9, 2016 at 11:23 pm

    Quite amusing actually.You take a from th factory STOCK Challenger(there are no Hellcat markings on it whatsoever, busted), and put it up against a heavily after market parted Camaro SS. Even so, this only goes to show that the Chevy guys and their stock ZL1's, and SS's know they can't beat a stock Challenger Hellcat. So, in lieau of showing a legit comparison. Put that Camaro up against a REAL Hellcat, or 1 equally modded. Typical Chevy guy bs lol

  • April 4, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    Expand the video.  That is a hellcat.  You can see the badges on the fender

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