Young Driver Gets Told To Do a Skid and Fails

After leaving a local car show, this young driver is told to do a skid and after attempting he fails pretty hard off the side of the road. If you live in the U.S. then you've likely never heard of a P-Plate. It's something down in Australia when they put a sticker on the car to indicate that the driver has a provisional license.


When you put a P-Plate driver into a older Holden Commodore SS, a rear wheel drive performance car, it can be reciepe for diaster when provoked into showing off. After being told to do a skid, the young driver hits the throttle fish tailing side to side as he shifts a couple of times. He quickly lost control after higher speeds are achieved and ended up sliding off the side of the road smashing into a ditch.


P-Plate Driver Crashes After Skid Video


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