World’s First All Wheel Drive 4 Rotor RX7 Unveiled At SEMA 2016

With the biggest car show in the world upon us, SEMA always brings the biggest and baddest custom car builds of the year into one place. A gentleman by the name of Rob Dahm has been dreaming and planning for his build for years, an All Wheel Drive Mazda RX7 with a Turbocharged 4 Rotor engine. He just unveiled his build at SEMA 2016, however it isn't complete though. There is much anticipation to see the finished product. he plans to do 1/2 mile and full mile drag racing among other things.


This impressive build is showcased in the video below bringing together an insane power plant with great weight distribution. Add an all-wheel-drive drive train which was based off of the Hoonicorn Mustang and you'll have something that can be alot to wrap your head around. Enjoy the interview FullBoost did with Rob Dahm explaining how the car works.


World's First All Wheel Drive 4 Rotor Mazda RX7 Video



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