World’s First 10 Second Manual Hellcat Challenger

10 Second Manual Hellcat Averaged 22 mpg On Way To Drag Strip!


First 10 Second Manual Transmission Dodge Challenger Hellcat


Well the proof is in the video below! This past weekend this slightly modded Hellcat Challenger with Manual 6 Speed transmission became the worlds first known 10 second manual Hellcat! This is the World's Fastest Manual Hellcat according to the Hellcat enthusiasts at and their "Quickest Hellcat List". Jon Sipple the owner previously went 11.18 @ 125 mph in December running with just drag radials and cold air intake. This time around with more experience behind the wheel along with a Diablesport tuner and small shot of nitrous Sipple managed a quarter mile of 10.86 @ 130mph! The owner also stated that during his 2 hour drive to the drag strip his Hellcat was averaging 22 miles per gallon, pretty impressive!

It is said that next month a bigger shot of nitrous will be coming along with custom tune, shooting for low 10s. So we now know that with a very light mod list along with an experienced driver a manual transmission Hellcat can achieve a 10 second quarter mile. Check out the video below of the pass.


World's First 10 Second Quarter Mile Hellcat Video

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