World’s Fastest Nissan GTR 1/4 Mile AMS Performance

If you've been keeping up with the GTR world, then you know that these cars keep getting faster. The current fastest GTR on the planet belongs to AMS Performance's Alpha G. AMS, EKANOO Racing and T1 have been going back and fourth breaking world 1/4 mile records. This time they did it in 7.14 seconds at 212 miles per hour. This isn't the firs time that owner Gidi, broke the record with his GTR. This R35 GTR is pushing over 3,000 horse power with 60 lbs of boost running on slicks all around with a fully gutted interior.


Check out the video below of the AMS powerhouse Gidi pulling off another world record.


World Record, Fastest Nissan GTR 1/4 Mile Video



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