World’s Fastest GM Manual Transmission Quarter Mile

The Fastest General Motors Manual Transmission Quarter Mile Car In The World!


8 Second Quarter Mile T56 LSX Chevy Camaro


The driver of this fire breathing Camaro recently reset it's own record for being the fastest manual transmission GM car on the planet! This 6-speed manual trans Camaro rockets down the 1/4 mile 8.33 seconds @ 168 mph! This beast is equipped with a 76mm Turbo running 32 pounds of boost producing around 1,150 rear wheel horsepower with S&M Motorsports tuning the car. The monster billet triple disc clutch puts the power through a RPM built T56. Maybe 7s will be in the near future for another record setting quarter mile pass. Even cooler is the full interior making this a true street car!

In the video below there are multiple views of multiple runs. All of them are 8 second passes and you can tell some of them show how violent this combo is. Hats off to this very skilled driver for keeping this beast off the wall!

World's Fastest Manual GM Car 8 Second Quarter Mile Video


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