Who Drives The Sonoma from Street Outlaws Now?

Since Daddy Dave gave the Sonoma back to owner Jackie, he has since taken over the drivers seat!


On season 5 of Street Outlaw's Daddy Dave dropped a bomb when he took the Sonoma off the list and starting building his own car, Goliath. – Click Here to Read about Goliath – It was no secret that Daddy Dave didn't own the truck; Jackie did. Now Jackie "Big Daddy" is driving the Sonoma and is rumored to be racing up the list. But this hasn't aired on Street Outlaw's yet. Jackie has painted the truck along with installing some upgrades. It's rumored to now have a Morgan and Sons built 662 Big Block with 3 stages of nitrous.


The video below shows off the new look of the Sonoma. You can hear just how mean that newly built engine is. The 405 top ten list has several of high powered new comers this year.


Jackie "Big Daddy" reveals new look for Daddy Dave's old Sonoma

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One thought on “Who Drives The Sonoma from Street Outlaws Now?

  • June 6, 2016 at 11:59 pm


    put some fuel in that american monster and it will stop back fireing at the hit timming 18 deg. 

    if it was me i would go ten jet sizes then come back after I I look at the plugs good luck tommy sawyer 

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