Vengeance Racing 1000rwhp C7 “Hot Girl” Ride Along Tribute Video

Worlds First 1000-RWHP C7 Stingray Tribute to Sexy Girl Ride Alongs

This 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray which just happened to be the world first C7 to reach over 1000 rear wheel horsepower was actually a funny "tribute" video to all the recent viral "Hot Girl" ride alongs. Vengeance Racing put together a monster that sounds like it's capable of sucking up babies at full throttle!


The C7 Stingray was built with a ECS Centrifugal Supercharger running 14 pounds of boost with a 100 shot of nitrous producing 1018 RWHP and 894 RWTQ! That's enough power to even throw the blow up doll back into the seat! So check out this great video before – "A Tribute to All the "Sexy Girl" Ride Along Videos".


Vengeance Racing C7 Blow Up Doll Ride Along Video


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