Typical Things Muscle Car Owners Say

Muscle Car Owner Talks About His Rare Muscle Car


Even Muscle Car Guys Say Stupid Stuff Sometimes


So all groups of car guys have their own language and stereotypes. They're all even guilty of saying some pretty stupid stuff sometimes just like Ricers. Check out this parody of a Muscle Car walk around from the owner "Donnie" with is rare 1914 horsepower Dodge "Charger". Donnie shows off all his down force modifications and go fast parts. This guy is pretty out there in what he says about his muscle car, but there are a few things said that you might here from the typical newbie muscle car owner.

Check out the video below of this comedic rendition of how muscle car guys like to talk about their cars. Do you think that this is pretty accurate or not?

Typical Muscle Car Owner Sayings Video


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