Turbo VS Nitrous Camaro Street Race Almost Collide

Turbo Camaro vs Nitrous Camaro Street Racing


Catastrophe just about happen here after both of these Camaro's got out past 60 feet they both got a little sideways. It even looks like one was off the road for a second. Either way this was a good close race. There are multiple views of the race where you'll catch a close up of the near mid race collision.


In the left lane is "American Revolution with a stock internals 6.0 liter LSx, front mount Turbonetics Turbo, Auto, Pump Gas, Meth Injection on "Low Boost". In the right lane is "Savage Habits" with a built LS1, Nitrous 6-Speed. Check out the video below of this Chevrolet Camaro showdown!


Turbo Camaro vs Nitrous Camaro Street Racing Video

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