Turbo Honda Hatch vs GTR in 2 Close Dig Races!

You should never underestimate a turbo charged Honda Civic Hatchback with slicks! They're light and if they can get the power down they might surprise you! And there is no telling with a Nissan GTR either, this car could be putting down over 1,000 horse power easily. What we do know is the Honda has a B16 with a inter cooled 69mm turbo, is running slicks and appears to have weight reduction. These two battle it out twice in two close street races.


Watch how these guys hold the civic with a rope so it can heat up those massive slicks it has!


Turbo Honda vs GTR Street Race Video


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One thought on “Turbo Honda Hatch vs GTR in 2 Close Dig Races!

  • PoPoJoe
    November 30, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    Anytime you see slicks like that on a Civic you better not hold anything back!

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