TuffEnuff Shows off Jet Car @ Redemption 4.0 No Prep Event

TuffEnuff Wow's The Crowd At Recent Texas Raceway No Prep Event


No prep racing has been around for a few years but is now becoming a very popular "new" type of racing. The big no prep events offer 20K or more to win and tons of high horsepower cars come out to play. The biggest challange is to get down the track without losing traction or even crashing, which many poeple have. –Cornbread recent crash and Birdman's win at Redemption 4.0– Well for TuffEnuff and his Jet car there are no traction related issue because the power doesn't go through the rear tires. Instead the Ket engine uses an insane amount of thrust to esstionally push the car into motion. Check out the video below of TuffEnuff's Jet Car getting down the track at Redemption 4.0.



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