Top 5 Russian Dash Cam Fails!

Watch Out for These Crazy Russian Drivers!

This week Power Nation TV released their version of the Top 5 Epic Russian driver dash cam fails. First you'll see a car take a turn way too fast and t bones another car. Second a slow moving semi causes another semi to go off the road trying to avoid rear ending them. Third a pedestrian is walking across the road using a cross walk as he should and he almost gets plowed over from someone obviously not paying any attention to the road. Fourth we see a women driver Hydroplane hard into a highway divider. And last but not least, Road Rage with a car and Motorcycle! Brake checking a car is not a good idea as the car might not stop!


Well all these Russian drivers learned some hard driving lessons and it was all caught on some dash cams! Watch the video below for this weeks Russian Driver Epic Fails!


Top Five Russian Driver Epic Fails Video


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