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In garages all across the country, there are likely many Do It Yourself weekend mechanics working on their cars or trucks trying to make them better or keep them running. Along with that comes the big debate of which tools are the best value for the price. Obviously we want to spend as little money as possible and that’s where Harbor Freight tools come into play. They’re arguably the best tool for getting the job done for the weekend warriors that are on a budget. You know, the “Junkyard LS” swap type of guys going out to the drag strip for fun and making over 1,000 horse power on some make shift cheap setup. But that’s the best part, if the motor blows, just go to the junkyard and get another one, since you’re saving so much money on tools. Not to pick on any one crowd, I myself am a Chevy guy and have many tools from Harbor Freight as well, so many I am a little biased?

While I’m not necessarily advocating for one side or the other in this debate, the point here is to share one guy’s experience of some of his favorite automotive tools he’s used from Harbor Freight along the way. This guy is in fact a professional tool reviewer and has been in the business for years.

Sure the quality is debatable in comparison to the top dollar tools, such as Snap On, Sk, or Matco to name a few. These tools purchased at Harbor Freight do comparable work for a fraction of the cost. This is perfect for most us guys and gals where are just in it for fun, working on our rides here and there. If you don’t have a Harbor Freight near by, don’t worry because you can order them off Amazon as well. (linked below)

  1. US General 30″ 5-Drawer Tool Cart
  2. Daytona 3-Ton Floor Jack
  3. Earthquake XT 1/2″ Impact Wrench
  4. Braun LED Light
  5. Pittsburgh Pro 25″ Breaker Bar

Check out the video below of the Top 5 Best Harbor Freight Tools for automotive work. When it comes down to what you’re putting in your own toolbox, do you think that Harbor Freight tools are worth the price savings?

Top 5 Harbor Freight Automotive Tools Video


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