Tons a Street Racing & 3k Cash pot Makes for a Good Night!

Good old fashion American street racing right here. A full night of racing till the sun comes up with thousands of dollars on the line. This was the 2017 OKC Street Shakedown with a $150 buyin per racer totaling for a pot of $3k in cash. You might also see some familiar faces that have been on the show, Street Outlaws, But make no mistakes here, this had nothing to do with Discovery channel and was a pure night of illegal street racing.


Big Rob Entertainment captured all the action and you'll see tons of great close races between blown, nitrous and turbocharged Mustangs, Camaros, Malibu's and even a pick up truck. The last race of the night almost ends in serious carnage as the winner scrapped the curb on the top end just before releasing the chute.


2017 OKC Street Shakedown Video



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