This sleeper is NOT Your Grandpa’s Lincoln!

Anytime you see a turbo right behind the grill you know something is up. And this 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII has just that, a 88mm turbo boosting the swapped Coyote engine from a Mustang. This Lincoln still has full interior and weights about 3,500lbs. The owner said it's best time in the 1/4 mile was 8.20s with 1.30s 60 foots. In the video below his best time was a 9.01 @ 128 mph. You could tell in each of his runs he kept having to peddling it in the first 100 feet.


Check out the video below captured by 1320video of this sleeper Lincoln Mark VIII making some fast passes thanks to the Ford Coyote engine and 88mm turbo.


Lincoln Mark VIII Sleeper 1/4 Mile Video



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