The Ultimate Toolbox Inside Pickup Truck Bed!

Anyone who spends thousands of dollars on mechanics tools and need to haul them around knows having a good mobile tool box is important.

Now this is thinking outside the box, literately! Anyone who owns a pickup truck and has a toolbox in the bed knows it can sometimes be a pain to get to or to keep it organized. Ever thought about all the empty space between the bed and quarter panels? Well some companies like Dodge had incorporated small compartments for storage, they haven't taken it this far. This has got to be the coolest toolbox built for pickup trucks yet.

This isn't your ordinary diamond plated toolbox chest that's fasten to the bed right behind the rear window. This pickup truck has the toolbox built inside the quarter panels of the bed. There are plenty of places for organizing your tools as well and it opens and closes automatically. No more big bulky side boxes that take away previous hauling space of the bed. Plus you'll likely not have to worry about your tools ever getting stolen because thieves wont even know their there!

Check out the video below to see the built in toolbox for yourself. The owner does a demonstration showing how the sides of the truck open thanks to the help of some hydraulics. This has got to be the coolest mobile truck toolbox ever!

Ultimate Tuck Bed Toolbox Video



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