The Superbowl of Street Racing! – TX2K16

As many of you probably already know every year in Houston Texas people bring their cars from all over the country for 4 nights of racing! These cars have upwards of 2,000 horsepower. At this years event, TX2K16 1320video filmed much of the action. Over the years these events have gotten so big that Houston Police Officers have been forced to arrest anyone within 150 feet of an illegal street race if they're caught. People can face thousands of dollars in fines and spend up to 90 days in jail, this is serious business! As you can only imagine there are tons of arrests along with tons of close big money races! This is were the boys and girls of the street racing world come to prove themselves. This year's footage has been captured onto DVD, Texas Street EVADE!


Check out the official trailer of this years annual street racing dvd below. If you like what you see then head over to to order it on DVD, Blu Ray or Digital Download.


TX2K16 – Annual Super bowl of Street Racing Video



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