The Last Chevy SS rolls out of Holden plant today!

Today is a sad day for automotive enthusiast as one of the last great old school V8 sedans just reached the end of the line. The last Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV) and Chevrolet SS rolled off the Holden assembly line May 25th, 2017. The last Chevy SS was black with a manual 6 speed and will shortly arrive in the US to it's new owner.


It was known that before summer ended we would see the last Chevy SS since General Motors decided to shut down Holden a long time ago, and with the Commodore done, so was the slow-selling, yet extraordinary SS Sedan. GM never bothered to advertise its imported super sedan, after launching it as an automatic-only car in 2014. The manual T56 became a no cost option added the following year. When the Chevy SS Sedan is compared with other 4 doors in it's class it's hard to beat. Not only is it a straight line performer with a big roaring V8 under the hood, it's also a great handling ride with comfort and luxury to boot.


Australia's Motoring reports that the six-speed manual attracted a 32 percent take rate in America, with the last car being signed by the Holden team to satisfy the customer's request. Good buy Holden Commodore and Chevrolet SS, it was a fun ride and you'll always be remembered!

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