The Last 405 Top Ten List Race Before Street Outlaws

Murder Nova and Daddy Dave Race for the #1 spot Before Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws

For decades Oklahoma City has had some of the fastest street raced cars in the nation and the 405's Top Ten List is nothing new to it's natives. This race was the very last list race before the Street Outlaw's show was created. Shawn Ellington with the Murder Nova has held the number one spot many times for many years. In this last list race for the #1 spot Daddy Dave Comstock with the Sonoma called out Shawn with his Nova. It was said that after months of smack talking that Daddy Dave was finally ready to take on the Murder Nova. In the first race it was clear that Shawn jumped the start which would force his lose. Daddy Dave didn't want to win the crown on a technicality so both Shawn and Dave agreed to race again for the crown. This time they both got off the line right after the "flagger" banged the light.(which appears to be Big Chief) Though both cars left hard and stayed mostly side by side it seemed as though Daddy Dave in the Sonoma was going to take the win but Shawn in the Murder Nova was able to edge pass for the win to retain the number one spot on the 405's Top Ten List.


AS you can tell since 2011 there has been some drastic changes to these cars. Like in Daddy Dave’s case, he built a completely new one, it is clear the Street Outlaws gang has racing for quite some time, as these cars didn't just showed up on the streets of Oklahoma City running this well. Some of the guys to name a few; Big Chief, AZN and Daddy Dave have been on a few Pink's shows in the past. – Click Here To See The Pinks Episode – It’s cool to see this glimpse into the streets of the 405 before the lights and cameras.


The Last 405 Top Ten List Race Before Street Outlaw's

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