The Fastest 6 Speed Subaru on the PLANET!

They call it the White Bullet and it's currently the fastest 6 speed Subaru in the world running the 1/4 mile down in 8.46 seconds at 165 miles per hour with a 1.36 60 foot! You can tell from the video below that launching this thing is quite the handful. But the driver does an exceptional job keeping the car in it's lane, 10 years of experience driving this Subaru sure helps. Some of the specs worth mentioning is it's a 2.5 liter engine, single 72mm Turbo, triple disc clutch, 28" slicks on all 4 corners, making approximately 900 horsepower.


1320video captures multiple passes down the quarter mile, along with an in car mounted Go-Pro. They also got a quick interview with the owner of the car. So check out the video of the fastest 6 speed Subaru in the world!


Fastest 6 Speed Subaru in the World 1/4 Mile Video


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