Tesla Sets New World Record for Fastest Electric Car in 1/4 Mile!

Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous runs 11.2 @ 118.4 MPH Drag Racing In 1/4 Mile


Tesla P90D Sets Electric Car World Record 11 Second Quarter Mile


In recent years electric cars have come a long way from the visions they once were. Inventors pictured them as an everyday automobile for and they are now becoming just that. Looking back now we'd never would of thought of an electric to be fast or to have even been capable of running an 11 second 1/4 mile pass. Instead of the futuristic looking concepts, we have good looking rides like the Tesla Model S P90 Ludicrous cruising around the streets in style all while saving money on gas! The Tesla Model S has set a new world record, becoming the fastest electric car with an 11.2-second quarter mile time at 118.4mph. Check out the car in the video below as it blasts down the track quicker than most of the sports cars that have been released over past decade! Listen carefully and turn up the speakers because you can barely hear this thing; A true sleeper!


Video Of Tesla P90D Running 11.2 Quarter Mile

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