Tampa Street Racers Caught and It’s ALL on Video!

Tampa Bay Street Racing Mustang Cobra, Ford GT, Toyota Supra plus COPS!

Looking back at this from 2007 is an event with Superspeeder’s Rob while he's out racing his Ford GT against a 2004 Mustang Cobra Terminator and Toyota Supra, in the midst of all the street racing is a group of Florida highway patrol which decides to sneak up on these guys and arrest them. What else could you expect when your caught racing on public highways at speeds of 160mph!


"Street Racing footage from down in Tampa FL, On my way back to the hotel a supra talked me into a pull, which obviously didn't last very long, but did make for a long night. Wasn't expecting to be arrested, which is why I stopped. The Ford GT did not get towed, they allowed my passenger to drive it away. After 4 hours inside Pinellas County prison I posted my own bail and left sort of annoyed and exhausted. Having been pulled over and released for much worse I was surprised at the police reaction, but hell in their book even if I beat the ticket they know they ruined my night. Tampa cops 1 – Super Speeders 0."

Rob managed to get a copies of the police dash cam footage which he put into the video below sprucing it up a bit. So check out the video below to see how these guys get tangled up with the Florida Highway Patrol.

Tampa Street Racing with Arrests On Tape


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