T1 Race Development Texas Godzilla 2276hp GT-R R35

Record Setting Nissan GTR R35

T1 Race Development built the "Texas Godzilla" which is a Nissan GTR producing 2,276 horsepower! That's right, 2,000 more than most cars on the road today! Recently this world record setting GT-R was featured in MOTORHEAD magazine, which is published in Japan by San-ei Shobo Publishing. At this year's TX2k16 the Texas Godzilla rocketed down the 1/4 mile in 7.38 seconds at 195.76 mph with full interior and it reached 235mph in a 1/2 mile run.


So watch the video below and feel the raw power the GT-R is putting to the ground. It also looks rather comfortable to drive as you can see while it pulls up to a drive thru at the end of the video.


MOTORHEAD Featured Texas Godzilla GT-R Video


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