Subaru with Duct Tape & Cereal Box Intake

When you're on a low budget then being resourceful is very important and doing so with leftover snack boxes & duct tape is doing just that! A little ingenuity on the race track can set apart the winners from the losers. In this case the young gentleman was trying to squeeze every last horsepower he could out of his nearly stock Subaru Forester with a goal to break 100mph in the 1/2 mile!


This event presented by Shift S3ctor was held at the Colorado Springs Airport in Colorado Springs, Co featuring 1/2 mile drag racing. The owner of this Forester used Pringles tubes, Ritz crackers and Cereal boxes along with duct tape to make a custom ram air intake replacing the passenger side headlight. Do you think his catback exhaust has a Campbell's soup can muffler and high flow Progresso cat can? For this guy it's not about building a fast drag car, it's all about making the most fun out of what little he had to work with and in doing so this little Subaru Forester was able to break 100.22mph in the 1/2 mile!

Props to 1320video for capturing and featuring the fun. We all need to be reminded of were most of us started as performance junkies!

Subaru Duct Tape & Cereal Boxes Intake Video



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