Street Outlaws Season 10 Starts November 27th!

New Street Outlaws Season Starts Monday November 27th!

The most recent season of Street Outlaws-405 wrapped up in June with an exciting ending with JJ Da Boss's Arm Drop Street Warz. Between Chase is a race and backwards arm drops there was no lack of entertainment and great street races. Season 10 has begun filming and is set to be one of the most exciting seasons yet for the 405 guys. Season 10 will also mark a huge milestone for any cable televsion series and that's the 100th episode. Weather your a fan or not, you cannot deny the fact the the Street Outlaw's series has help breath in new life into the drag racing community over recent years.

Above is a picture from a recent filming of a season 10 episode. Could it possibily be a race for the number one spot? Well we'll soon find out in just a couple months. Currently Street Outlaws New Orleans is showing on Discovery Channel and it has been rumored to air this fall. There has not yet been an offical release date.


At the end of Season 9 the Top Ten List finished up with Chuck on top:

#1.  Chuck-Death Trap-89 Ford Mustang
#2.  Big Chief-The Crow-69 Pontiac Lemans
#3.  Shawn-Murder Nova-69 Chevy Nova
#4.  Monza-Sinister Split Bumper-72 Chevy Camaro RS
#5.  Ryan Martin-Fireball Camaro-5th Gen Chevy Camaro
#6.  Daddy Dave-Goliath 2.0-63 Chevy Nova II
#7.  Kamikaze-The Elco-80 Chevy El Camino
#8.  Doc-Street Beast-71 Chevy Monte Carlo
#9.  Dominator-The Dominator-67 Dodge Dart
#10.James Goad-Reaper SS-68 Chevy Camaro

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