Street Outlaws Plan B-Henson Racing Engines Behind the Scenes

Plan B is the Promod Corvette that Daddy Dave recently took up the list to #1 on Street Outlaws.

The Plan B 5th generation Corvette built by Henson Racing Engines has bene on the show many times. Most famously when Daddy Dave took Plan B up the list all the way to #1 while Goliath 2.0 was being built. As seen in the recent season of Street Outlaws, Daddy Dave took Plan B off the list when his new Goliath Nova was finished.

At Henson Racing Engines, they of course build mostly, racing engines for drag racing. They're also known for a great cylinder program. Justin "Racecar" Mcgoogle works for Henson who recently premaired his small tire Fox Body Mustang at JJ's Arm Drop Street Wars small tire race on the show. Henson was a diesel mechanic for 15 years working for International and while he wasn't at work, he was building engines on the side for all his buddies. Eventually he would get so many engine build requests from word of mouth that he decided to start Henson Racing Engines.

Check out the documentary video below of Henson, Plan B and his engine shop.


Henson Racing Engines Behind the Scenes Video


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