Street Outlaws Kye Kelly Loses 15k to Birdman @ Redemption 4.0

Birdman beats Kye Kelly in Big Tire class at No Prep Redemption 4.0 for $15,000!


1320video Hosted No Prep drag racing event Redemption 4.0 today January 2nd, 2016. It was held at Texas Raceway in Kennedale, TX. There were many big names slated to be there many of which you've seen race on Street Outlaws. To name a few Kye Kelly and the Shocker, Birdman, Boosted GT, Doc with Street Beast, Chuck with Death Trap, Jackie with The Sonoma, Mike Murillo with his Lafawnduh Mustang, Cornfed, The Reaper, Helleanor and Cornbread. There were several classes; Small Tire, Big Tire, True Street and Outlaw Street with over $60,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs!


Cornbread Wrecks His Camaro Racing Kye Kelly

The first and most unfortunate highlight of the day was the race between Kye Kelly and Cornbread for the Big Tire class title. As you can seen in the video below Cornbread launches hard pulling the wheels. At about half track after recovering from the wheelie Cornbread loses traction and pulls hard to the right just narrowly missing Kye Kelly's Shocker Camaro. After what appeared might be a save the car started rolling and ended up on it's roof sliding to a stop. Thankfully he walked away from this accident.


Cornbread Crash @ Redemption 4.0 No Prep Race


Birdman Wins 15k over Kye Kelly @ Redemption 4.0

If your not sure who Birdman is he was in the recent Season 6 Finale of Street Outlaws racing in the 405's Cash Days where Kye Kelly won over 50k in cash. Well Birdman was in the final four and just didn't have enough that night to get to the final. Well at today's Redemption 4.0 in the Big Tire class Birdman tool home the price beating Kye Kelly for a $15,000 cash grand prize! Check out the video below for the action.


Birdman Beats Kye Kelly for 15k Race


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