Street Outlaws Guest Star Mike Murillo Wrecks LaFawnduh Mustang During Border Wars No Prep Event at Edinburg Raceway in Texas

Mike Murillo Wrecks SCT Performance LaFawnduh Mustang

Thursday night (12-03-15) Mike Murillo was testing at Edinburg Raceway for Border Wars taking place the next two days. Mike has guest stared on Street Outlaws on Season 4 Episode 9 for Street Outlaws Cash Days. Other shows he's been on include Pinks All Out, PassTime and MAV's new shows called House of Grudge scheduled to air soon. For the past decade Mike Murillo has been known has a lengendary small tire Outlaw 10.5 drag racer with 14 Wold Championships in NMRA and NMCA. Mike's SCT Performance sponsored Mustang puts out over 2,000 horsepower via a twin turbos. The car is known to run the ¼ mile in the high 6 seconds range at just over 200mph. That's scary fast!


Mike Murillo Rolled LaFawnduh Mustang 3 Times

After loosing traction in the left lane Mike's Mustang took a hard right into the guardrail causing the car to roll three times over the guardrail were it came to rest on the outside of the racing surface. Murillo posted on his Fan page that “He was feeling beat up but was otherwise ok. Heartbroken but OK!” Murillo owns his own shop called Murillo Motorsports in San Antonio Texas and is known to pump up a lot of high powered cars. Mike is on the look out for a new car to race as it is believed that LaFawnduh 1.0 will not race again. Below is the video of the crash and aftermath. The second video is of Murillo's appearance on Street Outlaws racing agains Monza where he beats Monza. Unfortunately Monza experienced a nitrous backfire and the two were unable to get off a clean race.


Mike Murillo Wrecks LaFawnduh Mustang Video


Mike Murillo Races Monza on Street Outlaws Video

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