Street Outlaw’s Daddy Dave new 63 Nova first start up!

Daddy Dave's Nitrous Feed 1963 Nova Called Goliath


If you watch Discovery Channel's Street Outlaw's then you are aware that on the show Daddy Dave recently pulled the Sonoma off the top ten list only to soon after reveal that he was building something of his own. It's a Big Block powered 1963 Chevy Nova II.

The video below was just posted on You Tube and it shows that Daddy Dave's Goliath is running and almost ready to run up the list. Dave plans to take back his number 1 spot very quickly. He'll have some work to do as the guys on the list currently are getting faster. Daddy Dave is no slouch and he'll be sure to have something for them all. Check out below his brand new sinister creation.

Stay tuned as we'll soon have more details posted about the all new Goliath!

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