Street Outlaws Daddy Dave Drives A Drift Trike

Daddy Dave Takes Speed Society Drift Trike for a Spin!

Recently the Speed Society crew had Discovery's Street Outlaws co-star Daddy Dave over for a bit of fun. Here they're showing some footage of Daddy Dave testing out a Drift Trike. If you don't know what a Drift Trike is, well it's pretty much self explanatory. It's a Trike or "motorized big wheel" that's made solely for some epic drifting fun!


Of course it took Dave a few minutes to get used to controlling the trike. He's used to drag racing, which we all know he does very well! Check out the video before of Daddy Dave drifting on the Drift Trike and enjoy seeing Daddy Dave in another environment other than drag racing!


Street Outlaws Daddy Dave Drift Trike Video


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