Street Outlaws, Big Chief Wins $100k at Bristol No Prep!

Not only was Big Chiefs Crow held together with duct tape, but he borrowed the Murder Nova's rearend too!

Discovery Channel put together this No Prep in Bristol, TN with a $100k grand prize and a 32 car field. The sold our crowd of 25,000 Street Outlaws fans got to witness a crazy night of close grudge racing. At the beginning of the event the announcer didn't even mention Big Chief's name as a possible contender to win the event and that really fired him up. Of course with Big Chief's #1 kryptonite being there, Kye Kelly many people probably counted Chief out. Justin "Big Chief" Shearer said:

“….as I’m putting on my helmet I hear the announcer say “who’s gonna’ get the 100 grand folks? Kye Kelley, The Probe, Chuck, or the Fireball Camaro?” said Shearer. “And my core temperature went up about 30 degrees. Not even gonna’ mention my name as a contender? This is the best parts we could afford (or steal from Shawn), this is the best crew I’ve ever had, and we showed ‘em that sometimes it don’t matter how much motor you got, how big your toter and trailer is, nor how many folks you have on the payroll. Sometimes it’s about heart…..and this was one of those magical times. Every single thing that happened and every single person that touched this car or brought over parts, advice, data, welders, etc., all of them had the heart of a fucking lion. Wildest group of degenerates I’ve ever had the pleasure of racing with, and they put me and my beat up car with that little bitty motor at the starting line in front of a sold out Bristol, Tennessee crowd, and we ate all their fucking faces off!”

Kye Kelley and Big Chief met in the quarter finals. The two were finally able to get a good race on against each other as the last few resulted in one of the two knocking off the tires or breaking something. This time Big Chief and the new Crow were able to take down Kye Kelley and The Shocker. Big Chief went onto the finals meeting Jerry Bird in The Probe, who was recently busted at $15k cash days on the streets held by BoostedGT.

Throughout the event not only did The Crow loose a door but it also had rearend issues. Since the Murder Nova was out, the Midwest Streetcars crew took that rearend out and installed into Chiefs Crow, probably "zip tieing"in place. Why not? The door that flew off was held on by duct tape.Check out the video below of the final race for the $100k win.

Big Chief vs Jerry Bird No Prep $100k Video



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