Street Outlaw’s Big Chief First Street Pass in the new Crow

As anyone who follows Street Outlaws knows Big Chief crashed The Crow just over a year ago racing Brian "Chucky" Davis during filming for the show. He then did something people probably thought would never happen and bought a pro-mod known as the Crowmod. As the year went on you could tell that Justin was just into it and he eventually said that he wanted to build another crow. Well the time has come and now he has just completed his first full pass on the streets with it.

Big Chief is ready to rocket up the 405 top ten list this year yet again with his new 1970 back halfed steel-bodied Pontiac GTO. It is powered by the same 482 cubic inch pontiac Butler Perforamnce engine that powered the original crow as well as the Crowmod with twin 94mm Precisson turbochargers backed by a Rossler 3-speed transmission with custom gear ratios. Fueltech runs the EFI and out back is an all alluminum Mark Williams rearend. The new Crow even has several parts from the original. Big Chief recently stated on the Chief and Shawn Show podcast that it's much faster than the old crow was and in case your wonder he said this one would likely stay black. Now anyone that is into the show, Street Outlaws has got to be excited about this, not only for Justin but for the show as well.

Season 9 of Street Outlaws is set to air in April and has just finished filming. Check out the video below of Big Chief's first full pass on the street with the new Crow and see how it hooks and blasts off down the 660ft of the street in just a couple of seconds.


Big Chief's first street pass in the new Crow Video


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5 thoughts on “Street Outlaw’s Big Chief First Street Pass in the new Crow

  • March 21, 2017 at 12:20 am

    Fat indian RR worked for Foose as did Aaron. When RR 1st came on TV his shop was smaller than yours and most of the people on your show. 4 years after he started  he hired aaron. RR became wealthy not by sitting on his butt and talk to Sean all day. He worked and hustled seized all chances until he made his money. I guess you get a check from Govt because you are an indian. Why don't you get up and work? You lied as you did not build your car, Jeff Lutz did most of the work and RR did not buy his car he like you bought an engine and a frame. His men did 80% of the work . You cry about his other company building the car is a lie. If you are smart enough to turn on your computer and read this. I must say that i used to like you but not any more as you lie all the time. Even tonight on your your you showed a video of RR accepting your challenge. I rate you now with Misfit Garage. 

    • PoPoJoe
      March 25, 2017 at 12:59 am

      Who the heck are you? Probably a troll who doesn't even have a car?

  • March 31, 2017 at 7:37 pm

    I think chief is a cry baby when he can't get  his way and still can't beat the 504 boss so he's not the best lol some on please get him a pacifier 

  • April 19, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    Nice pass took off like a rocket! Did like that episode on the race against monkey garage he didn't wine a bit too much who cares who raced the dam thing I thought it was about run what you bring at the end of the day! I'm sure he doesn't like that Mo let garage just has pockets full of money and just shows up to race and challenge I get it. But that's chief's thrill is burn in those guys so who cares about another Monkey racing the car so yeah he wined way too much. He obviously should of layer there rules more clearly or the other guy was just a used sells car guy with pockets full of money. And nobody likes those types. You have to race your own dam car really or don't race those guys unless there like a senior citizen and wants to be part of the action still ya know I get that.  But street racing race your own dam ride! Or your father's man.   

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