Street Outlaws 405 Season 8 Preview

405 Street Outlaws Season 8 Airing Soon

For all us Street Outlaws fans this past year has had alot of ups and downs. It's safe to say the 405 top ten list is nothing like it was when the show first aired especially when you look back at the very last top ten list race before the show was created. If you haven't kept up with what's going on then check this preview of the 2016 Street Outlaws top ten list. We've seen Daddy Dave build a new car, Goliath only to have total it in a horrific crash a few months later. Then Big Chief crashed his Crow with Brian "Chucky" Davis in perhaps one of the worse street racing crashes ever caught on camera. Everyone has modified their cars even more if not built entire new ones. Even Murder Nova is currently building a new car! Oh and don't forget about the creation of another Street Outlaws show based on Kye Kelly and his New Orleans group. Which is also currently filming for another season.


Street Outlaws OKC Season 8 Sneak Peak

There has not been an official announcement of when the new season will air, but it is expected to air in late fall. Some of the thing's we've come to expect in the upcoming season 8 is of course faster cars and even more racers trying to battle for street supremacy. Of course we'll keep our fingers crossed that everyone stays safe but we know that some accidents are going to happen. The recent crash with Shane and his "Black Bird Vega" was all over social media and will be seen in season 8. There is a high inherent risk for danger just based on the nature of auto racing and even more so when these highly modified monsters are unleashed on public roads. Some recent rumors are that new episodes of the show will be filmed in Chickasha, Oklahoma. The city council voted earlier this summer to allow for short term street closures while the show is filmed. With that being said check out the video before for a quick preview of what season 8 of Street Outlaws has in store for us!


Street Outlaws 405 Season 8 Preview Video


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