Stevie Fast Goes Air Born after Huge Wheelie!

The Shadow Goes Air Born After Huge Wheelie At No Mercy 7!

Today at No Mercy 7 at South Georgia Motorsports Park Stevie "Fast" Jackson went air born after pulling off a huge wheelie in an attempt to power past his opponent. Thankfully the safety equipment did it's job and Stevie walked away from this horrific accident. The car ended up flipping up on to it's back and came crashing down onto it's roof. The Shadow was of course completely destroyed. He was in the air for what probably seemed like an eternity.

1320video captured some impressive footage of the wreck getting it from all angles, even from a drone up above. Check out the video below and see all of the carnage. You'll see that it's incredible Stevie walked away!


Stevie Fast Shadow Crash Video



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