Speeding Mustang Driver Takes Down Power Lines!

Mustang crashes are a ever growing concern in the automotive community that is usually just made into a joke. Let's face it, there are plenty of idiots behind the wheel of not just Mustangs, but Camaro's, Corvettes, Civics, Subaru's and so on, you get the idea. But this time around we're looking at the driver of a Mustang loosing control of his ride on June 30th 2017.


The driver of this Ford Mustang was caught on a home security system speeding around the corner and loosing control. It appears the driver attempted to "drift" around the corner only to loose control of the car and slam into a power line pole. The owner of the security camera footage stated the Mustang driver had minor injuries along with his pride hurt of course!


Speeding Mustang Crashes into Pole Video



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