Son Buys His Dad a Corvette Z06 For 50th Birthday!

Son Buys His Dad A Brand New 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 For His 50th Birthday!


Awesome Reason of Father Getting Corvette Z06 For 50th Birthday!


One of the best feelings as a car guy is to have a son to share that passion with. Well how about if you were a father and your son bought you brand new Corvette Z06 for your 50th birthday? Well this young man Lance Stewart is having some success and has put himself into a position to be able to afford a brand new Corvette for his dad. As you can imagine the gentleman receiving this gift is smiling ear to ear! So check out this awesome people below of one of the ultimate gifts any car guy could receive!


Father's 50th Birthday Corvette Present Video


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