Sleeper Mustang Owner On Speed’s Pass Time Tricks Contestants!

Check out this throwback video from the old SPEED Channel. This one brings us to the show Pass Time, if you don't remember this show, it's goal was for contestants to guess 1/4 mile times of a car with little information about the car. They have to go off the looks of the car and are allowed to ask one question each about the car.

This episode is one of the more famous ones with Pass Time Contestant Randy Jackson who's sleeper fox body Mustang tricked everyone on the show that guessed it's 1/4 mile time to be about 4 seconds slower then what the car actually ran. Once the car lifted the wheels off the line, they knew they were all in for a surprise.

Check out the video below as this nitrous fed Fox Body Mustang surpasses the predictions of the contestants in this throwback Pass Time clip.


SPEED Channel Pass Time Sleeper Mustang Video


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