Shawn Doing things differently with the New Murder Nova

Street Outlaws star Shawn Ellington has been building a new Murder Nova on the side while still racing the current one. In December at Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show in Indianapolis Shawn revealed the new Murder Nova, which is also a 1969 Chevrolet Nova like his current car. Under it's steel body "cloak" is a purpose built performance monster. It's going to be about 600 pounds lighter thanks to the use of lightweight parts such as carbon fiber along with a host of other modern construction cues which also will result in a much safer racecar. The new Murder Nova will be a much faster car then Shawn's current ride.

Since the PRI unveiling, Shawn and the guys at Midwest Street Cars have been installing the drive train, wiring, fabricating the turbo piping, setting up the suspension along with tons of other things since the Don Dial Race Cars-built machine left the chassis shop. Many fans have asked what's taking so long and that is a good question because you'd think with the crew they have they could devote all their time to get it done quickly? Well during this time, Midwest Street Cars also built a new Crow for Big Chief along the way while they've still been racing the old Murder Nova which requires alot of time, along with filming for the show. So you can see there are many things on their plates and contrary to what many "fans" say, these guys do, do most of their own work!

Most of the wiring has been completed with the help of fabricator Travis Quillen, owner of Quillen Motorsports Engineering in Alabama. In addition to his clean routing of electrical inside the car and engine bay it's going to easier to tune the new Murder Nova with a brand new Fuel Tech FT600 EFI system. They have even installed LED lights both in the interior, trunk and even in the engine bay which is to provide lighting to work on the car on all those late nights of Street Outlaws filming they do.

Today, Shawn went live on the Murder Nova facebook page for about 45 minutes explaining and showing the progress of the Nova. Although the car is nearing completion Ellington said it will likely be at least one more season before the new Murder Nova makes its appearance on Street Outlaws, given the timetable between filming and airing. He also went about explaining how his original plans for the car aren't likely to work out, which was for him to both Street Race, No Prep and participate in radial races. Check out the recording of his live video from earlier today below.

Shawn Explains New Plans for New Murder Nova Video



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