Shane Van Gisbergen drifts a VF Holden Commodore

Kiwi V8 Supercar Driver Shows off his drifting skills with Holden Drift Car!

Red Bull Racing teamed up with Shane to build the VF Holden Commodore into a custom drift car fully equipped for the track. The car was converted from team-mate Jamie Whincup Supercars Championship spec VF into the drifting car which has a four times greater angle of steering than a normal to help get the angles into the corners. It was also given dual brake calipers in the rear to help the rearend swing out more.


The New Zealander who's currently leading the Supercars championship is also passionate about drifting. So his Red Bull Racing team recently unveiled this special Commodore purpose built drift car in his honor. So check out the video below and listen in on the beautiful exhaust notes and admire the great angles through the turns!


New Red Bull Racing Holden Commodore Drift Car Video


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