Scary-Throttle Stuck @ 150mph While Drag Racing!

This Chevelle's Throttle Is Stuck Wide Open At 150 MPH After Drag Racing


Nitrous System Stays On Causing Tires To Blow @ 150 MPH!

This recently happened to Tim Albright with his Pro Street Chevrolet Chevelle. After passing the finish line at over 150 mph the throttle was stuck wide open with his nitrous system still on. After Tim pulled the shoot and he tried to stop the front wheels locked up causing them to blow out. That's crazy no matter who you are at 150 mph!

Luckily the driver was able to keep the car under control and he was able to keep the car in one piece to race another day. It appeared that all the damage was done to the tires as well as searching for the issue that started this all. On a positive not Tim wont he race! The video below has multiple views of the incident as well as an interview with the driver at the end. Check it out!


Tires Blow Drag Racing At 150 MPH Video


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