Royal Purple Raceway becomes parking lot for vehicles flooded by Harvey

It's quite possible that Huricane Harvey flooded nearly 100,000 vehicles and now people need a place to store them while processing insurance claims and Royal Purple Raceway just outside of Houston is just the place. While the owners of the drag strip have been racing every year for 30 years, they say there will be no more racing at the track this year, as they have now temporarily become a graveyard for vehicles that felt Harvey's wraith!

It's likely that everyone in the community has been affected by Hurricane Harvey by some way or another, either directly or indirectly and the Royal Purple Raceway is here to help in the best way they can.

Racing is set to resume next year at Royal Purple Raceway after all of the cars have been processed their insurance claims and taking away to their final resting place or to be restored. Along with helping this way, the owners have also donated $10,000 to the Red Cross Hurricane Harvey relief fund.


Royal Purple Raceway Servicing Flooded Vehicles Video


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