Review: 2016 Camaro SS after 10k Daily Driven Miles!

Here is a good review we don't get to see often enough. Not just a review on a brand new car, this is a review from the owner that daily drives his 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS with 8 speed automatic. Even better is the owner is actually a Mustang guy turned Camaro! So this has got to be the best point of view for anyone interested in buying a Gen 6 Camaro. The only real problem the owner has had with his car is the My Link touch screen. He's been having issues with changing the driving modes. They sometimes go MIA, however after doing a little digging we've come to find out that the fuses in the fuse box sometimes become loose or may not have been fully installed during production. Reports show that once the loose fuses are secured the issues go away. This will likely be an issue GM fixes on future models.


Details of 2016 Camaro SS after 10k Miles

The owner goes into great detail covering tire wear, brake dust, rock clipping prone areas, entering and exiting the car, seat wear and adjustment, visibility issues, ease of control, use of automatic transmission and so on. He goes over the comfort of the car, how he feels about the driving modes and discusses some of the minor issues he has had with his 2016 Camaro SS. Overall the owner says that after 10k miles the car is great, performs well and would highly recommend buying one.


10k Mile Daily Driven 6th Gen Camaro SS Video Review


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