Repairing a GIANT $30k Tire with a Flat

Usually when your vehicle gets a flat, you'll either patch it for a couple bucks or just replace it, which usually only costs 1-200 bucks. Well what about those Giant tires you see on construction vehicles like one that's found on a Earthmover which costs $30k. Well it's actually someone's full time job to repair these tires.

Rema Tip Top is a company founded in Germany in 1923 that specializes in repairing large equipment tires.

This is no easy task either, unlike a automotive tire patch job that takes about twenty minutes, repairing one of these monstrous tires is a 1-3 day job depending on the severity of the damage. Check out the video below which fast forwarded the process into about 15 minutes and see just how this is done.


Giant Earthmover Tire Repair Video



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