Rare Footage: The Making of Redline before it was Fast & Furious

In 2001 before Fast and Furious was released the movie was called Redline


Automotive enthusiast cannot deny that they enjoy the Fast and Furious franchise. Recently this rare footage of "The Making of Redline" was leaked and now it is known that Redline was changed to Fast and Furious. Well the Redline or Fast and Furious franchise as we know it today has become one of the biggest film franchises of all time! Other names considered for the film were "Race Wars" and "Racer X". Perhaps "Racer X" was considered since that was the name of the Article that was released in 1998 which was the inspiration for the film. Rafael Estevez leads a new generation of fearless young racers burning up New York’s streets and racetracks in their tricked-out Japanese compacts. – By Kenneth Li (May 1998) -Click Here to read the "Racer-X" Article-


The Fast And The Furious(1955)


There was a Fast and Furious movie before "Redline" that was an based on drag racing that was released in 1955. The rights from this movie were actully bought to use in Fast and Furious 1(2001). Just think how different it could have been if the branding on the film wasn't changed. Maybe it wouldn't have been as sucessful? Anyway check out the video below of the extremely rare footage featuring all the original cast and hear Paul Walker and Vin Diesel discuss sequences of the film.


Rare Video of The Making of Redline aka Fast and Furious 1(2001)

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